Creating VR Training Using Interactive 360 Degree Videos and Images


Chief Technology Officer, eLearning Brothers
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We’ve all heard that VR training experiences have a proven higher retention rate, with retention gains reaching 75% in comparison to standard video, eLearning, or textbook training. What we need to know is how to create and deploy VR training quickly and cost effectively, with the systems we have today.

This session will cover the creation, editing, publishing, and tracking of VR training using 360 degree video and images. It will highlight the potential learning applications for using VR, and how it can be integrated into your current learning environment.

In this session, you will learn:
  • The differences between VR, AR, and MR
  • About CenarioVR, a new tool for creating VR training
  • How to link multiple 360 degree videos together to create a story
  • How to use VR in systems that you use today

About John Blackmon

John Blackmon brings decades of engineering and management expertise in the eLearning industry. Previously CEO of Trivantis, John led the development of the industry’s first eLearning authoring tool, Lectora, and the industry’s first VR course builder, CenarioVR. His efforts led to the filing of two separate patents in software design.


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