Certification of Serious Learning Games, Simulations, & Gamification Programs


Judith hale
President, Hale Associates
Slgander 032614 pose1
Director of ID Certifications, The Institute for Performance Improvement
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This webinar describes the differences, role, and benefits of serious learning games, simulations, and gamification.

You will learn:
  • The difference between stand-alone compared to imbedded solutions.  
  • The instructional and organizational standards required for a sustainable offering not a one-off event.  
  • How to demonstrate what is required for your solution to be certified.

About Judith Hale

Judith serves on the Illinois Occupational Skills Standards Credentialing Council. She is a past-president of the International Society of Performance and Improvement (ISPI) and was awarded "Outstanding Member of the Year" in 1987. She has been a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) for many years and was nominated for ASTD's Gordon Bliss Award in 1995. She was president of the International Board of Standards for Performance and Instruction (ibstpi) and has served as president of the Chicago Chapter of the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA). She was a commercial arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association.

Judy taught graduate courses in management for 14 years for the Insurance School of Chicago and received the school's "Outstanding Educator" award in 1986. Her firm is an affiliate member of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA). Judith speaks regularly at international and national conferences on subjects related to implementation, evaluation, needs assessment, certification, and performance improvement.

About Sharon Gander

Sharon L. Gander, M.Ed., CPT has twenty-five years leading strategic performance improvement projects.  She specializes in credential development, learning solution development, performance improvement, and learning/knowledge infrastructures.  She has worked with government, education, healthcare, information technology, veterinary medicine, supply chain logistics, energy sector, and not-for-profits.

She is a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) since 2005, has renewed successfully every three years and participates as an application reviewer in the CPT double-blind application review process for the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI).  In addition, she has been active in the development of three new accreditations for ISPI.

She is a Certified Assessment and Credentialing Professional (CACP) and a Certified Instructional Designer specializing in Synchronous ELearning and Serious Learning Games.  See more information about these certifications here