Coaching in The Drama Triangle


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A significant reason managers don’t coach their people is that there’s no obvious WIIFM. Sure, the person they coach improves in engagement, productivity and impact, so the organization benefits too. But for the manager, coaching can feel like just another obligation. By understanding the Drama Triangle, managers can reach that aha! moment where they realize how being more coach-like can help them work less hard and have more impact.

In this webinar, Michael Bungay Stanier will explore the three archetypal roles of the Drama Triangle. You’ll also learn three ways to get out of the pull of the Drama Triangle. You’ll leave with a clear method to recognize and avoid behaviours that prevent us from being the best version of ourselves.

About Michael Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier is the author of six books which between them have sold more than a million copies. He’s best known for The Coaching Habit, the best-selling coaching book of the century and already recognized as a classic. Michael was a Rhodes Scholar and plays the ukulele badly. He’s Australian, and lives in Toronto, Canada.

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