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Director of Thought Leadership and Strategy, Cornerstone on Demand
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The world has changed and the next industrial revolution has arrived.  According to the World Economic Forum, we have entered the 4th Industrial Revolution, in which technology has been and will continue to be embedded into society in ways that involve and require entirely new capabilities for people and machines. Technology has also destroyed the staying power of traditional companies, reducing their average lifespan by two thirds since 1950, and moving the majority of their assets from tangible products to intangible assets, comprised of people and intellectual property.  In short, this means that in this new digital age, skills have become the new currency, and data is the oil that fuels our transactions.
Join Brett Wilson, Cornerstone’s Director of Thought Leadership and Strategy, as he discusses the implications of the global skills crisis and how we manage talent over the next five years as it will be completely different from the last twenty years.  This crisis will force a new set of expectations for a modern workforce. A subsequent issue suggests that every job is changing requiring the best companies to reinvent themselves to meet the challenge.

Given all of these challenges, Mr. Wilson will put forth a four-pronged strategy that will consist of the following principles:
  • Create lifelong learning experiences
  • Make recruiting a competitive advantage
  • Personalize talent management processes
  • Bring context and intelligence to HR decisions

About Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson is the Director for Cornerstone’s Thought Leadership and Strategy directorate.  In this capacity, he provides advice to clients to help fully leverage and optimize the Cornerstone application and create business strategies to align with business goals and objectives.

Prior to joining Cornerstone, Brett had his own consulting firm where he provided critical HR strategy advice and services to several prominent organizations including Cummins Inc., Raytheon, Bechtel Engineering, Shell Oil, Cognizant, Stanford University, U.S. Pharmacopeia, Thoratec Corporation, and the National Defense University.  


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