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4 Simple Fixes When You Run Out of Prep Time


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President and CEO, The Bob Pike Group
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The pros make presenting look easy, but the polish you see involves hours of preparation and practice. If you’re not a professional speaker, how can you dedicate so much time to such a small part of your job? The answer is, “Don’t!” Instead, join Becky’s webinar to discover four simple fixes to create powerful presentations when you’re under a time crunch. Discover how to harness your nerves into energy that unlocks the secret ingredient to successful presentations: engagement. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
  • Open with a hook and close with an anchor
  • Shift focus from the speaker to the learners (whew!)
  • Convert nervous energy into positive energy
  • Look like you’ve memorized everything, even when you haven’t

About Becky Pike Pluth

With more than 15 years as a training professional and two training industry best-selling books on the market, Becky Pluth, The Bob Pike Group’s President, and CEO, doesn’t rest on her laurels. “Continuing education, whether formal or informal, is critical for those of us in education!” Becky said. “And, for many of us in this industry, I think the desire and passion for learning comes naturally.” As proof of her desire to continuously strive for “great,” Becky was named one of Training magazine’s Top 40 under 40 in 2012. Becky has more than 17 years of exposure to Bob Pike’s Creative Training Techniques (CTT) and vast experience in cross-functional training design and delivery, project management and business operations. She easily employs a participant-centered approach to classroom training, one-on-one training, and blended e-learning. She has helped many Bob Pike Group clients realize cost savings and training efficiencies through utilizing a participant-centered approach.

Becky is a certified K-12 teacher and received her master’s degree from St. Mary’s University. She is a member of the American Society for Training and Development and the National Speakers Association. She also is the author of the award-winning 101 Movie Clips That Teach And Train and Webinars with WoW Factor.


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