Blending Hard & Soft Skill Learning with Business Simulations


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Founder, Ticonderoga Advisory LLC
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Business simulations offer organizations a unique opportunity to address hard skills gaps with experiential learning activities, however many organizations miss out on the tremendous soft skill development that is embedded in well-designed business simulations. 

In this webinar, participants will see:
  • An overview of business simulations as an experiential learning opportunity
  • Examples of hard skill and soft skill development unique to simulation exercises
  • How to embed your organization's competencies and development programs into simulation exercises for maximum results


About Jake Tuber

Jake Tuber is a consultant with TRI Corporation, which specializes in corporate education, experiential leadership and simulation programs to help organizations develop leaders, sharpen financial acuity, improve executive business acumen, and enhance shareholder value. He is also the founder and principal at Ticonderoga Advisory LLC. Jake works across organizations, partnering with business and HR leaders to devise and deliver learning solutions that are intimately linked to desired performance metrics. Jake is a doctoral candidate in adult learning and leadership at Columbia University, where he also earned his master’s degree in social-organizational psychology.

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