From the Field to the Boardroom:
Coaching Emotional Intelligence


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Founder, Positive Sports Leadership
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Join sports leadership and emotional intelligence coach Scott Cvetkovski for an interactive and lively discussion on the impact of emotional intelligence on athletes, coaches, and the leaders on an athletic team – and how it can impact your own team.

You will learn:
  • What emotional intelligence subscales propel and hinder an athletes success
  • How to use emotional intelligence as a coach to help your team win
  • How to be an EQ Leader on your athletic team – or any team
  • How to use the EQ-i 2.0 to develop your team

About Scott Cvetkovski

Scott Cvetkovski is the founder of Positive Sports Leadership. Scott has been involved in business, leadership, and education his entire life. As a product of his parents, both educators and entrepreneurs, Scott’s heart is on path with the training and development of others to benefit individuals and their organizations.

His love for leadership and business lead him to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentrations in Economics and Marketing, and a Master of Science in Executive Leadership and Change, where he developed the Sports Leadership Guide for athletic captains and aspiring leaders in the world of athletics.  This leadership guide acts as a resource for captains to learn from and refer to as they take on the role of a leader on their respective teams.  


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