21st Century Training Tools:
Making Training Stick Beyond the Classroom


Shanon tipton
Chief Learning Rebel, Learning Rebels LLC
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Experience a modern way of learning through Deep Dive Thinking.
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Smarter, wiser, more informed. No, that's not describing a new generation of consumers but describing a new generation of learners. Today's participants know their time is valuable and resources are plenty. How do we manage this new set of expectations? No longer is it enough to have the teacher/student dynamic during instructional events. Technology and social learning is the silent third person in the room, and our toolboxes have to be equipped to support modern learning philosophies.
All L&D practitioners have been in the situation of trying to make “training stick”. One reason lies in the hands of missing learning connectivity before, during and after programs. Augmenting single event courses and classrooms by creating links that help to scaffold learning, will ultimately create stronger learning connections. 

The big question is - how do learning practitioners connect learning to the people? In this modern era of learning, new techniques are required in the areas of connection and collaboration. Therefore, the need to update the learning toolbox goes beyond optional to an essential skill.

This webinar will provide participants with... 
  • the ability to compare and contrast the variety of internet collaborative, relationship building, knowledge share tools out in the world today
  • fresh, applicable ideas on how to better connect learning to the people within their organizations 
  • key collaboration and connection tools, displaying real-life application examples

About Shannon Tipton

As Owner and Chief Learning Rebel of Learning Rebels LLC,  Shannon Tipton is a skilled learning strategist with 20 years of leadership experience developing successful infrastructures for training departments across North America, Europe, and Korea.  

Shannon gets ridiculously excited to work with training teams and organizations to develop learning solutions to achieve applicable business results. Recognized as bringing real-world expertise into the learning field, Shannon integrates learning technologies and microlearning tools to strengthen workplace alignment, enhance collaboration and increase learning connectivity.

As the author of “Disruptive Learning”, Shannon frequently speaks at conferences across North America and Europe. The Learning Rebels blog is in the top 100 elearning blogs and can be found at learningrebels.com.

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Experience a modern way of learning through Deep Dive Thinking.
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