Competitive Business Simulations:
A Powerful Testing Ground for Leading a Business in a Turbulent World


Associate in Corporate Education, TRI Corporation
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L&D business partners can provide significant value to their organizations by helping current and future business leaders to build the resilience to operate in a turbulent (“VUCA”) world. Many challenging development questions co-exist in today’s business environment: How do we prepare senior-level directors to move into executive roles, where they will need to take business performance to the next level? How do we get our high-potentials to organize and operate as a business team, prioritize, and chart their own course as proactive change makers? How can we build business acumen, a growth mindset and emotional intelligence across functional areas? A competitive business simulation is an immersive experiential exercise that can provide a powerful testing ground to address all of these fundamental challenges that face organizations across industries.
Webinar participants will learn:
  • How a simulation can help participants to think and act systemically as a (future) business leader – learning to see and manage connections
  • How to design a competitive business simulation, how to make it interactive, and in which situations to deploy it
  • How the concept of meeting commitments translates to more robust operational plans, more effective strategy execution, and better business results

About Philip de Vroe

Philip de Vroe is an associate of TRI Corporation which specializes in corporate education, experiential leadership and simulation programs to help organizations develop leaders, sharpen financial acuity, improve executive business acumen, and enhance shareholder value. Philip de Vroe aims to make strategy, finance and leadership enjoyable and easier to understand. With TRI Corporation since 2006, he is based in The Netherlands when he is not traveling the globe to conduct TRI Corporation programs. Philip is an active TRI team member in the delivery of experiential learning programs, as well as the writing of new case studies and business simulations. His Finance Storyteller YouTube channel has videos ranking at or near #1 on search terms such as EBITDA, SG&A, DuPont Analysis, and CapEx vs OpEx.

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