Serious Learning Game Techniques, Part 2:
What do game designers know about fun that we don’t?


Chairman and CEO, Allen Interactions
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In Part 1 we covered:
  • Research on learning, including 11 corresponding principles for instruction
  • The rising impact of a continuum of approaches from presentations, extrinsic games, gamification, adaptive tutorials, and serious learning games
  • We analyzed the framework of Jeopardy as an example of a popular extrinsic game that is weak for instructional purposes
  • We applied concepts of learning research to the Jeopardy framework and increased both the fun and the instructional impact

In Part 2 we will study more techniques for making games both engaging as well as efficient learning experiences. We will look at:
  • CCAF: the basic components of both powerful elearning and fun games
  • The critical role rules have to play in making games fun
  • The four types of rules
  • Converting instructional content into rules
  • Some serious learning game examples
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About Dr. Michael Allen

Michael Allen is Chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions, a universally acclaimed custom learning solutions provider. Allen is a treasured architect of interactive multimedia learning, recognized for his many insights, inventions, and presentations. With more than 40 years of experience in e-learning, both in academic and corporate settings, he is known today for his role in creating Authorware and ZebraZapps and overseeing the work of his studios at Allen Interactions. With a Ph.D. in educational psychology from The Ohio State University, he is an adjunct associate professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School, a sought after conference speaker, and a prolific writer.


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