AR/VR Is the New Reality - or Is it?


Philcowcill (1)
Senior eLearning Specialist, Department of National Defence, Canada
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To see what the latest trend training and education is going to be, keep an eye on the consumer market. As consumers adapt to technology, it then becomes expected to see that technology in their learning. The latest technology that has taken off with consumers and will grow exponentially is Augmented Reality (AR). Even though it's different, Virtual Reality (VR) is often tied in with AR. This technology has started filtering into training by early adaptors but you can be sure that there will be pressure for you to use this technology soon.

When new technology is introduced, there's often a lot of hype that comes with the technology. We will examine some of the hype and mistakes that are currently being made so you can avoid making them.

In this webinar we will look at the difference between AR and VR. We will also look at effective methods of using this technology in your training. At the end of this webinar, there will be a demonstration on how you can create your own AR movies using free software tools. There's no programming required.

About Phil Cowcill

He is a currently a Senior e-Learning Specialist at Department of National Defence (DND), Canada. He was hired in 1983 as an educational technologist by Canadore College. He started developing interactive multimedia products in 1984 when he was hired to be part of a team that developed Canada’s first Level III Interactive Videodisc. He contributed as the videographer, graphic designer, programmer and instructional designer.  He’s been developing “elearning” ever since. In 1995, he was hired to develop and Coordinate the Interactive Multimedia post-graduate program. It was in this program that the class produced the first online newspaper with streaming video in 1996. In 2011, he developed and taught the first dedicated Mobile Application Development program in North America. This one year program teaches non-computer science students how to develop interactive and engaging mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. He was also previously on the team that developed Canada’s first Interactive Videodisc (IVD). He still works at home on numerous e-learning projects and commercial mobile applications. He is a published author and wrote a book for Thomson on database driven websites. The book was part of the Web Warrior Series. Mr. Cowcill also travels internationally to speak and host workshops at educational and training conferences.

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