7 Questions to Ask Before Beginning Your Search for a Learning Partner


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Before you begin a search for a learning partner, we have a list of seven questions to help you understand your internal environment and all the factors that affect the success of your learning program.  Do you understand your learning culture?  Have you defined your target audience and do you understand their needs? Has your organization defined your core competencies? You may have some homework to do before you make your list of criteria for your learning partner.

Each one of our seven questions could fill an hour-long webinar on its own, so this will be jam packed!  
  • Be prepared to take lots of notes
  • Our tips will be actionable
  • You may have several new projects after it’s over!


About Kathy Irish

Training is the foundation of Kathy’s career. She spent years facilitating soft-skills training for all levels of management for a Fortune 100 company and later transitioned to a recruiter in the human resources department. Her years in HR afforded her the experience of utilizing people’s strengths within the company, transforming organizations, and mentoring employees. She became head of the department which was a goal she wanted to achieve.

But Kathy missed training and organizational development and sought a position with a company where she could combine her HR experiences and training knowledge. Instructional design was the natural next step for Kathy. She understands what companies are lacking in the workforce and creates short and applicable training programs for employers and employees. The award-winning videos help lower turnover, improve company culture, and increase revenues.

Kathy is an obsessive lipstick buyer and a compulsive baker. She has extra-long arms and perfect hair.

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