Up Is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility


Bev kaye
Author, Founder, Career Systems International
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Careers used to be predictable. There were ladders. Each rung led up the hierarchy. Then individual aspirations and company needs began to evolve. Old ladders became largely inaccessible. Some rungs disappeared, and the space between others shifted from steps to leaps. Today's marketplace demands an agile workforce. Organizational structures have become fluid and flexible. As a result, career mobility has emerged as essential for individuals at all levels. No longer is mobility just about physical movement or assuming the greater responsibilities that come with a promotion.

Career mobility today is about flexibility and agility. It is a rich mix of experiences, roles, assignments, and options. Savvy careerists have come to appreciate the ability and willingness to explore multiple opportunities and experiences. To succeed in a rapidly changing environment employees need to recognize when new opportunities for growth emerge and to be ready with options when others fade or change. Like the navigation systems we rely on to reroute our travels based on unexpected traffic congestion, shortcut options and last-minute detours, a career mobility mindset will provide a foundation for resilience in a changing world of work.

This session will open a new lens for managers and employees who want to make the most of the new career landscape.

  • Explore the business case for the new lens on career mobility.
  • Understand the opportunities available in organizations other than the traditional vertical move.
  • Practice four ways to do an "Enrichment Workout!"

About Dr. Beverly Kaye

Dr. Beverly Kaye has been a mainstay in the world of career development and talent retention for more than 30 years. Internationally known and professionally recognized as a best-selling author, speaker and thought leader, Bev has earned the esteem of colleagues, the trust of international business clients and an enviable reputation within the learning and performance development industry.

While grateful to be recognized as a “thought leader,” Bev’s personal priority has always been to help others turn that thought into action. She achieves this through focused 1-on-1s, “fireside chats,” JIT videos, conversation starters, webinars online tips and tools, and of course her books:

  • The Wall Street Journal bestseller, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em, offers 26 strategies for engaging and retaining key talent. 
  • Love It Don’t Leave It coaches individuals how to take responsibility for their own satisfaction.
  • Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss introduces the concept of “stay interviews” for at risk talent as a means of avoiding “exit interviews.”
  • Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go gives overwhelmed managers a way to blend career conversations into their everyday routine. 
  • Up is Not the Only Way suggests valuable alternatives to climbing the traditional career ladder.

These resources along with Bev’s professional tenets and tenure, make her a remarkable and timely resource for managers, particularly those hoping to stay ahead of changing organization demands. 

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