Millennials on the Move:
Preparing Emerging Leaders for Frontline Management


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President/CEO, NetSpeed Learning Solutions, Author of "Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative, and Fun"
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    Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern
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The workplace has changed dramatically with the entrance of the millennial generation. By 2020, they will comprise 75% of the workforce--they have already surpassed Generation X as the largest generational group at work. There’s a lot of hoopla right now about the strengths and weaknesses of this generation, but one thing is clear: as baby boomer retirements continue (19,000 a day for the next decade), our first line leaders and team managers likely will be drawn from the millennial ranks.

Organizations that have not developed retention plans for their millennial workforce are already experiencing the cost of churn as these workers leave their first jobs. Seeking continuous learning, as well as the opportunity to lead meaningful projects that make an impact in the world, millennials go where their skills are valued and developed. It can cost $25,000+ to replace a millennial employee, but the retention solution is right in front of any forward-thinking organization: develop the skills of your emerging leaders now and prepare them for increasing responsibility in their first management roles.

Join Cynthia Clay as we explore the path to leadership for our next generation of leaders.

After this one-hour webinar, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe the leadership skills prized by emerging leaders
  • Harness the values of millennial workers in the service of your organization’s objectives
  • Ensure that your organization attracts and retains millennial talent
  • Develop emerging leadership skills in Self-Development, Performance Management, Team Performance, and Organizational Impact

Who Should Attend
  • Leaders in Talent Management and Leadership Development
  • Directors in Human Resources, Training & Development, and Organization Development
  • Anyone who is responsible for attracting, retaining, and developing the skills of emerging leaders

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About Cynthia Clay

Cynthia Clay is the President/CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions and the author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative, and Fun. Her company helps people increase their effectiveness in virtual environments.

The company provides instructor-led virtual programs that help employees and leaders communicate effectively, resolve conflict, serve customers well, and lead effectively in the virtual workplace. They also work with clients who are transitioning from the face-to-face classroom to interactive, blended virtual learning. Cynthia is a passionate advocate of brain-based learning and works with training professionals to apply stellar practices in the virtual classroom. 


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