Tackling Your Toughest Influence Challenges Tools for Leading and Influencing in a Matrix


Principal and Director, Vantage Partners
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Do your firm’s employees need to work together across internal boundaries, regions, functions and businesses? This question has taken on added urgency in today’s increasingly matrixed organizations where employees of all levels must now rely more heavily on their ability to influence others to achieve their own business objectives.
Learning and Development experts, Liz Rayer and Carol Bonett, will share insights learned and strategies developed from over 20 years of assisting F500/G1000 T&D organizations improve the efficiency of their internal working relationships.  

In this webinar, you will learn how you can help your organization identify common influence traps and implement simple measures to avoid them.

Common traps:

1. Spending too much time trying to get others to understand your point of view
2. Approaching persuasion as selling, rather than as joint problem-solving
3. Spending too much time trying to get people to say “yes” and not enough trying to understand why they are saying “no” Spending too much time trying to influence the wrong people (stakeholder mapping)

- People who are uninfluenceable
- People who can’t decide or do what you need

4. Assuming efficiency and inclusion are mutually exclusive in decision making

About Elizabeth Rayer, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Rayer, Ph.D. is a Principal and Director of Corporate Education at Vantage Partners. She brings expertise in negotiation, influence, change management, organizational development and instructional design. Liz’s work has been heavily concentrated on enabling organizations across various industries to have a sustainable, positive impact on their bottom line by more strategically and effectively working with, and managing relationships with, internal and external stakeholders. Liz’s work has ranged from designing and implementing organizational wide change initiatives, to designing large-scale learning and skill development programs. Recent clients include Anglo American, GE Energy, IBM, Merck, Microsoft, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Southern California Edison, and USAA. Prior to joining Vantage Partners, Liz was the CEO of BPYI, Inc., a health and wellness company, where she led the company to increased, sustainable growth by developing profitable partnerships both domestically and internationally. Before that, as Managing Principal of Elevation Strategies, she consulted to organizations on relationship management, leadership, and operational effectiveness issues. In this role, one of her major engagements was designing and implementing a negotiation strategy for the sales force of Pepsi USA. Additional positions Liz has held include Chief Knowledge Officer for Thinking Sun, Inc., a consultant with DBM, and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Liz earned her Ph.D. in Psychoeducational Processes from Temple University. Her focus and dissertation were in the field of organizational development and adult learning.

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