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Innovative Mobile Learning Solutions


Senior Technology Architect, eLearning Brothers
Director of Instructional Design, Evolent Health
President, Sealworks Interactive Studios
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Grab this opportunity to learn some great tips and also get a sneak preview of what it will be like to join us at Training's Online Learning Conference in New Orleans.  Each speaker will present a 15-minute condensed sample of their OLC content.  Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips even during this brief preview!
This preview focuses on the Innovative Mobile Learning Solutions track.  Click here for more OLC preview tracks.

Part 1:  Incorporating Mobile Technology into mLearning Design and Development
Speaker: James Kingsley, Senior Technology Architect, eLearning Brothers 
Preview Description:  
Are you really taking advantage of what a mobile experience can offer? Learn how mobile hardware like a microphone, camera, GPS, gyroscope or multi-touch screen can elevate the eLearning experience through new user interfaces and interaction types—far beyond what most mobile courseware does today. Picture your learner listening to a recording of a customer pleading their case. They're invited to audibly respond using their microphone and their response is sent to cloud servers where it is analyzed for sentiment and keywords, and then the cloud delivers a dynamic customer response back to the learner.  Or, picture your learner being presented with a series of objects and having only 30 seconds to decide which are safe, then giving their phone a shake and having the dangerous items disappear. 

Part 2:  Story Sync for mLearning 
Speaker: Matt Estes, Director of Instructional Design, Evolent Health
Preview Description:
The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul are AMC shows that both started off the same way—by telling viewers to login via their mobile devices to Story Sync. Story Sync is an interactive experience that allows the viewer to engage with content from the show. What does Story Sync have to do with mobile learning? Imagine, if you will, Story Sync for the classroom! Matt will share how he used Captivate 9 with responsive design, PhoneGap, and Kindle Fires to develop Evolent Health’s Story Sync content to produce an engaging, interactive, and cutting-edge classroom experience. 

Part 3: Designing & Developing Mobile Learning
Preview Speaker:  Nick Floro, President, Sealworks Interactive Studios
During this online session, you will learn how to get started in mobile learning, strategies to get started and understanding best design practices on how to create content, tools and take advantage of your mobile devices. You’ll learn about several free technologies and inexpensive apps that can get you started the same day.


About James Kingsley

James Kingsley, a senior technology architect for the eLearning Brothers, has worked in the eLearning industry for over 16 years. He enjoys making tools, applications, and web apps do things they were not meant to do. At eLearning Brothers, he helps shape the direction of mobile and HTML5 eLearning development. James also co-founded ReviewMyeLearning.com. Specialties: eLearning Development, Web/Mobile apps, Articulate, Captivate, Adobe Connect, Node.js, AngularJS, Ruby, HTML5,JavaScript, jquery.

About Matt Estes

Matt Estes is the Director of Instructional Design at Evolent Health and leads a team of talented professionals developing cutting-edge learning solutions within the healthcare industry. He has more than 15 years of experience within the eLearning and instructional design industry where he has continually pushed training to the limits in the way it is delivered. Through his extensive experience in media development, he has designed and developed training curriculums and tools that use a variety of engaging mediums including: video, gamified eLearning, mobile learning, and even analog board games for the classroom.

About Nick Floro

Nick Floro is president of Sealworks Interactive Studios, a developer of innovative solutions for the web, cd and digital devices. Nick has over 22 years of experience helping companies design and develop e-learning courses, web apps and platforms. Nick is passionate about how technology can enhance learning and loves to share his knowledge and experience to inspire, teach and motivate. 

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