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Tips & Techniques for Designing Successful eLearning


Marrapodi jean
Chief Learning Architect, Applestar Productions
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President, Artisan E-Learning
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    Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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Grab this opportunity to learn some great tips and also get a sneak preview of what it will be like to join us at Training's Online Learning Conference in New Orleans.  Each speaker will present a 15-minute condensed sample of their OLC content.  Listen fast and you'll learn plenty of useful tips even during this brief preview!
This preview focuses on the Designing Successful eLearning track.  Click here for more OLC preview tracks.

Part 1: UX and UI: Applications for Instructional Design
Speaker:  Jean Marrapodi, Senior Learning Architect, Illumina Interactive
Preview Description:
In order to build courses that meet your business goals, as well as the needs of the learner, we need to understand our learners beyond audience analysis. Get a glimpse at the tools and methods of User Experience Design and learn to look through the lens of design thinking to solve problems.

Part 2:  Knowledge Transfer in Real Time!
Speaker:  Amy Morrisey, President, Artisan E-Learning
Preview Description:
Too often we think knowledge transfer happens after a learning event. You may have heard, "When you apply this knowledge to your own situation, you will…" What if, instead, you could develop short, laser-focused lessons that allow mastery of a single topic in real time? Learn to do just that by exploring several tools that put the learner in the driver's seat.


About Dr. Jean Marrapodi

Jean Marrapodi, Ph.D., CPLP is a passionate educator and lifelong learner. With 16 years in corporate training in banking, retail, printing, non-profits, and healthcare, she understands trends and needs in a variety of industries. Trained as a teacher, she has taught preschool, special and elementary ed, and spent five years in higher ed, where she led her elearning team to win three national awards in 2014.

Jean is wholeheartedly invested in literacy, volunteering her time in adult education, teaching English and reading to the lowest literacy learners. Jean is a frequent conference speaker, presenting workshops at the local, regional, national and international level on training, elearning, and low literacy.

About Amy Morrisey

Amy Morrisey is not only the Production Manager but also the President of Artisan E-Learning. As Production Manager, she oversees a team of project managers and coordinators, instructional designers, and developers who create e-learning courses. During her tenure at Artisan, she has helped the production team double its capacity.

Amy started with Artisan as a contract writer/instructional designer, and worked on one of Artisan’s award-winning courses. Before working with Artisan, Amy spent 17 years in corporate training and development as a classroom trainer and executive coach.

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