The First 2 Weeks and The Last 2 Weeks:
7 Ideas for Using Video for Onboarding and Offboarding


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Head of Technical Evangelism, Panopto
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    Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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For Learning & Development teams, they’re the most important weeks of any employee’s tenure: 
  • The first two, when knowledge transfer is critical for getting new hires up to speed,
  • And the last two, when it’s imperative to preserve a departing employee’s institutional knowledge

Increasingly, organizations are using technology to usher employees through these key weeks. In this webinar, we’ll explore 7 examples of how video can be used in these initiatives, along with the specifics of how your team can implement similar capabilities.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify trends in how organizations are supporting onboarding programs with video
  2. Identify trends in how organizations are using video to scale knowledge management and capture more institutional expertise with departing employees
  3. Understand how specifically video can be implemented and/or facilitated in order to facilitate its use as part of formal onboarding and offboarding programs

About Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson is head of technical evangelism at Panopto, where he's responsible for driving awareness and understanding of Panopto's enterprise video platform. Prior to Panopto, he led IT professional marketing in the Skype for Business division at Microsoft. Wilson has always had a passion for video technology and solutions that help people communicate and collaborate. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, brewing beer, and hanging out with his family and two labs.​​


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