Is Your Workforce Ready for 2020?


Batten Fellow & Adjunct Faculty, University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Director of Learning & Development, Coursera
Leah belsky
VP of Global Enterprise Development, Coursera
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Note: There are some early audio issues in this recording, so you may want to skip ahead.  After these, the audio is fine and well worth a listen.

Work looks completely different today than it did just a generation ago. Where we work looks different, how we work has changed, and the skills any given employee needs are evolving faster than we can keep up. Employers especially need workers skilled in software development, marketing and sales management, engineering, web development, and financial management, but those jobs are taking longer and longer to fill. On top of those open jobs, employers will need to fill roles by 2020 in emerging fields like robotics, data science, automation, and content curation.

The skills gap is widening and the solution doesn’t belong to one player working alone. We believe that employers, universities, and individuals will all need to invest in lifelong learning and creative ways to collaborate.

In this webinar, Alex Cowan, Batten Fellow & Adjunct Faculty and University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and Ian Stuart, Director of Learning and Development at Coursera, will discuss the framework to move everyone forward, together.

About Alex Cowan

Alex has been an entrepreneur (5x) and an intrapreneur (1x). He’s currently on the faculty at UVA Darden where he focuses on digital innovation, teaching two courses: Software Design and Software Development. He’s also an active advisor to companies on new product and venture creation. Prior to Darden, he was founder and CTO of Leonid Systems, which was acquired by BroadSoft (NASDAQ: BSFT). His Venture Design framework is widely used by practitioners and instructors for creating new products in agile environments.

About Ian Stuart

Ian cares deeply about education and professional development, and comes from a family that instilled that passion (his mom, dad, grandmother, and great grandmother were all teachers). Prior to Coursera, Ian was at Google for 13 years where he managed and facilitated their flagship leadership development program and supported Engineering and Product leaders with team and organizational development. At Coursera, Ian has developed an L&D strategy connected to key long-term business goals, including manager development, organizational development, and using Coursera’s course catalog to meet employees’ learning needs. Ian got his Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Communication from University of California, Santa Barbara and his Masters in Communication from San Diego State University.

About Leah Belsky

Prior to joining Coursera, Leah was a Senior Executive at Kaltura, an Intel Capital funded video technology company. She led the company from $1 million to $50+ million in revenue, overseeing Kaltura's 160 person global customer growth, operations, professional services teams, launching Kaltura's education business and European operations, and driving key parts of the product and business vision. Leah began her career at the World Bank and National Institutes of Health, served on President Obama's Technology Policy Committee, and remains a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She also sits on the Boards of Engine Advocacy and Public Knowledge, leading technology and startup policy organizations that promote freedom of expression, innovation, and access to knowledge. Leah is a graduate of Yale Law School and received her undergraduate degree from Brown University.

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