Microlearning: The Secret Sauce for Snackability


Bhim kaul
Product Evangelist, Adobe Systems
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Are learners disengaging themselves from long modules? Have you been thinking about creating chunks of high powered and engaging content which embraces higher engagement and better completion rates? Are you adopting video as a mode of training?
Join Bhim Kaul for this session on Microlearning and how Captivate and Presenter Video Express help you in creating relevant and personalized content which can be consumed on any device with minimal interruption in the present “Attention Deficient” economy.

About Bhim Kaul

 “I have been working professionally since 2008, I began my career as an analyst with a leading bank and moved onto Adobe Systems as a Product Consultant enabling and supporting the worldwide sales and consulting endeavors for Elearning and Technical Communication. For the last 3 years I have built and managed a learning and development unit within Amazon.in, called Seller University which strived to provide learning assets and programs to enable sellers excel within their business on Amazon. I have had the privilege of presenting at various learning and design conferences and enjoy the concept of video in learning and the direction it has moving forward. I enjoy producing music and reading away from work and reside in Bangalore India.”

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