Using Championship Memory Techniques to Make Learning Stick


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In this age of instant information, does it matter if you or the people in your organization can’t recall information about your company and its products, services, customers, policies, or procedures?  Of course, it does! Every task or interaction we engage in depends on our ability to draw from our memory banks.

On the job, poor memory can effect credibility, reputation, advancement opportunities, and sales, as well as flexibility and responsiveness to everyday situations.

What if
  • the people in your training sessions could learn faster?
  • re-training could be reduced or even eliminated?
  • more of the information you taught actually stuck?

In this session, you will experience a brain training technique that memory athletes use to win competitions — and no, they’re not party tricks.

By the end of this session, you'll also be able to describe:
  • 4 reasons we tend to forget things
  • 5 elements that increase the chances that situations or information become imprinted in memory
  • strategies that help learning stick

About Ida Shessel

Ida Shessel, M.Ed., believes that anyone who stands up to present a training session, talk, workshop, or seminar can get his/her message across in a way that engages, encourages, and empowers the participants in the room. Ida has been instrumental in transforming the presenting and teaching skills of thousands of speakers, trainers, coaches, managers, and subject matter experts and has taught them how to design and facilitate sessions that enhance engagement, participation, and learning retention.

Ida has been a well-respected facilitator, speaker, and coach for over 30 years, a professor at Seneca College, and a consultant with an award-winning seminar company. Participants in her sessions have come from government agencies, the non-profit sector, and Fortune 500 companies in the fields of technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, telecommunications, retail, and more.

Ida is the author of several business books including Communicate Like a Top Leader: 64 Strategies Top Leaders Use to Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others.



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