3 Steps to Creating High Impact, Collaborative Business Simulations with Proven Business Outcomes


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CEO and Co-Owner, TRI Corporation
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Team-based, experiential learning is a proven leadership development tool, never more so than in global corporations whose employees span time zones and cultures, most often working in virtual teams. Collaborative business simulations bring team members together, break down organizational silos, and hone enterprise leadership skills. Simulations can even be structured to incorporate real-world projects that have the potential of generating substantial incremental income for the organization.

Webinar participants will learn:
  • How to design a collaborative business simulation and in what situations to deploy it
  • How a simulation can be used to break down barriers and reach across enterprise boundaries – geographical, organizational, cultural and others
  • How collaborative simulations can be a springboard to inspire team members to work together to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their organizations
  • A case study of a company that is using a collaborative business simulation as a platform to stimulate millions of dollars in incremental income

About Carlo Peratoner

Carlo Peratoner is CEO and Co-Owner of TRI Corporation which specializes in corporate education, experiential leadership and simulation programs to help organizations develop leaders, sharpen financial acuity, improve executive business acumen, and enhance shareholder value. With TRI Corporation since 1999, he is based in the company’s Beaverton, Oregon headquarters when he is not traveling the globe to conduct TRI Corporation programs. He has recently been accepted into Columbia University’s Doctor of Education Program in Adult Ed Guided Intensive Study.

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