4 Effective Tips for Designing Powerful Experiences


Ellen burns johnson
Senior Learning Experience Designer, Allen Interactions
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A single microlearning event lasts only a few minutes, but that doesn’t guarantee those minutes were well-spent. You want to create learning experiences that really have an impact, no matter what the size. So, when you need to design for brevity and quality, where do you start? Find answers to that question in this 60-minute webinar.

After discussing how to determine whether microlearning is a good fit, we’ll explore how compelling writing and a laser-focus on learners’ needs will help you make microlearning that packs a performance punch.

About Ellen Burns-Johnson

Ellen has crafted the instructional strategy and learning experience design for dozens of initiatives, including such diverse topics as hospitality software, elder abuse prevention, corporate compliance, early childhood classroom safety, and medical adhesives. Her clients have included nonprofits, government agencies and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

A highly collaborative person, Ellen delights in bringing people together to tackle big learning challenges. Her e-learning experiences have won multiple awards for interactivity and game-based design.

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