Unlocking Performance: How Cognitive Tools Can Optimize Learning and Training Efficacy


President and CEO, CogniSens
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Effective training faces an uphill battle when individuals are unready to learn and content is not optimized for the audience. 

In these circumstances, not only do you risk wasting precious training time, but the overall training objectives simply may not be met. 

You will learn how cognitive training tools – initially used in professional sports and the military – can be applied to:
  • Improve training readiness and the speed of learning
  • Deal with content overload
  • Measure training efficiency and the ability to apply the expertise in real-life situations

About Jean Castonguay

Jean Castonguay has more than 30 years experience as a corporate lawyer and as an entrepreneur, and has managed international law and business consulting practices. Since 1998, he has held senior management positions in start-up and high-growth companies, spanning the life science, technology and manufacturing sectors.

In 2011, Jean was granted the Genesis Award for Entrepreneurship and jointly with Professor Jocelyn Faubert, Jean was awarded the prestigious ADRIQ-NSERC award for technological transfer from the public to the private sector. 

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