Rock Your Workshops: A 5-Step Road Map for Creating and Leading Engaging Sessions


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CEO, Ida Shessel International
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    Wed, Mar 08, 2017 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern
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If you’ve been presenting workshops, training sessions, and presentations without a road map to guide you, then this webinar is for you.

If you want to establish a positive learning environment, increase the “stickiness” of the training you provide, and boost the chances that your trainees will implement what they’re learning, then this webinar is for you, too.

This interactive webinar will offer you a 5-step structure that will help you design and lead engaging sessions from short presentations to workshops and training sessions. As you gain insights, techniques, and strategies for effective training, you’ll quickly be able to recognize what you’re doing well and what needs to be improved in order to consistently create the most effective learning experiences for your participants.

By the end of this interactive session, you’ll be better able to: 
  • plan a well-structured dynamic interactive training session or presentation
  • engage, encourage, and empower your participants
  • reduce presentation jitters and uncertainty, boost your long-term impact on participants, and take the guesswork out of planning and leading a workshop, talk, or training session

About Ida Shessel

Ida Shessel, M.Ed., believes that anyone who stands up to present a training session, talk, workshop, or seminar can get his/her message across in a way that engages, encourages, and empowers the participants in the room. Ida has been instrumental in transforming the presenting and teaching skills of thousands of speakers, trainers, coaches, managers, and subject matter experts and has taught them how to design and facilitate sessions that enhance engagement, participation, and learning retention.

Ida has been a well-respected facilitator, speaker, and coach for over 30 years, a professor at Seneca College, and a consultant with an award-winning seminar company. Participants in her sessions have come from government agencies, the non-profit sector, and Fortune 500 companies in the fields of technology, finance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, telecommunications, retail, and more.

Ida is the author of several business books including Communicate Like a Top Leader: 64 Strategies Top Leaders Use to Engage, Encourage, and Empower Others.

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