As Learning Changes, So Should Measurement…
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Talent Measurement and Evaluation Consultant, CEB
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Learning is changing at the speed of business or at least at the speed of new technology tools that enable learning.  Gone are the days of a single LMS and a simple web portal to communicate organizational information.  Now learners reach out to a wide variety of resources—usually digital platforms like, Google, Sharepoint and many others, but sometimes the resources are individuals within their network—to gain instant insights that can be applied immediately in the work flow.  Learning record stores (LRS) are beginning to track informal and social learning events, but even these tools only capture a fraction of the actual learning that occurs.
As learning methods change, so should measurement. Methods for assessing the quality of learning and more importantly the impact of learning on individual and organizational performance must adjust to remain relevant.  Evaluation should focus on leading indicators of effectiveness like relevance and alignment while also measuring gaps that need to be filled.  Join us as we share best practices for measuring formal learning events and emerging practices for evaluating impact in the robust digital landscape.

About Peggy Parskey

Peggy joined CEB Metrics That Matter (MTM) in 2007, after two decades of corporate experience in varied roles including human capital measurement, analytics, strategy development, change management, process design and knowledge management. At MTM, she is accountable for business development support and delivers strategic consulting services to Human Resources, Talent and Learning Organizations. In this role, Peggy consults with organizations to develop Talent measurement strategies, integrate measurement into Talent processes, develop action oriented reports, scorecards and dashboards for clients and conducts impact studies to demonstrate the linkage between talent programs and business outcomes. Peggy’s overriding goal is to enable her clients to develop sustainable measurement processes and grow their internal measurement maturity and capacity. 

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