Virtual Training:
Building A Global Training Strategy


VP, Virtual Learning Strategy, ON24
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As enterprise organizations expand to support a globally dispersed employee base, providing regular training and updates becomes a significant challenge. Live physical training sessions and events, simply don’t scale globally and cannot be implemented quick enough to keep up with the constant requirement for new information. By building a virtual training strategy, enterprise companies can effectively deliver real-time training that can be accessed by any employee or partner, from anywhere.  

In this webinar, learn how webcasting and virtual environment solutions enable you to create virtual learning centers that can be customized to expand your training to multiple theaters and various languages. From delivering individual training broadcasts, to building virtual corporate universities, this presentation will highlight how to increase the reach and effectiveness of your training programs, including:
  • Creating Virtual Training Centers
  • Building Virtual Corporate Universities
  • Scaling Virtual Learning for Multiple Theaters
  • Extending the Life of Training Sessions and Content   

About Tom Masotto

As Vice President of Virtual Learning Strategy, Tom Masotto leads and evangelizes ON24’s product strategy for virtual learning, new hire onboarding, and leadership development.  A recognized expert on virtual strategies, Masotto is a featured speaker for ATD, Chief Learning Officer, Training Industry and Training Magazine, where he discusses enabling technologies and best practices for virtual training, social learning, and mobile learning.

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