Gamify your Training:
Use gamification to increase employee engagement and improve feedback


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Half of all office workers use Facebook at work. Why? Because it's far more satisfying and rewarding than the vast majority of the tasks we're given during the workday. Facebook has a highly engaged audience for the same reasons we enjoy watching football, playing video games or gambling at a casino. The process is called Gamification and you may already be using several game mechanics now.

Gamification is the application of game mechanics and game-thinking in non-game environments to increase fun and engagement. This webinar will explore how specific mechanics influence behavior and how you can add them to your own training programs.

This session should appeal to all Training professionals who wish to add a layer to their existing training programs which develops greater engagement and feedback.

Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction to gamification and how it has penetrated society as well as current business practices
  • Overview of game design and game mechanics
  • Investigate why game mechanics such as points, quests and levels influence behavior
  • Explore techniques and resources to use gamification for your own training programs                

About Greg Greunke

Greg Greunke develops platforms to influence customer and employee behavior. He is currently on the Sales and Marketing Management editorial advisory board and served on the Incentive Marketing Association board for three years. He speaks and writes about employee loyalty, motivation, training and gamification. Greg can be reached at or Learn more about gamification at

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