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Members of our profession are not just able to change the culture around us, we’re uniquely equipped to do so.  Why?  Because people can see us!

In truth, everyone is a role model in the modern workplace – and culture is nothing more than behaviors that get role modeled from one person to the next.  But because trainers, practitioners, and managers get the most time “on stage,” we’re often the ones best positioned to improve the culture.  This means you!  You are already an example of what the culture could be.  You are already a closely observed sample of what behavior is acceptable.  You are already a culture changer. Why not be a good one?

In this webinar, led by award-winning author and repeat Training Magazine presenter Ed Muzio, you’ll explore…
  • How systematic, disciplined application of simple behavioral principles becomes culture
  • How anyone, at any level, can create real impact on the broader environment – effecting permanent change gradually
  • How to seed productive, positive culture yourself, simply by enabling your colleagues and associates to create more output and experience less stress in their own work

We’ll be changing worlds – actually, YOU’LL be changing worlds.  Hopeless victims need not attend – everyone else, come ready to act!

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About Ed Muzio

Ed Muzio has been called “one of the planet’s clearest thinkers about management practice” – by someone who would know, the editor of a global management magazine. He’s a recognized leader in improving human performance through his analytical approach to culture change. Maybe that’s why one reviewer called his second award-winning book, Iterate, “a must read for CEO’s and leaders.”  

A regular guest on CBS, Ed works with Fortune 500 leaders and managers, individual practitioners, and everyone in between. He has been featured as a workplace dynamics expert in international media ranging from Fox News and The New York Post to Spirit Magazine and


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