YouTube U: Leveraging the World’s Largest Video Platform for L&D


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When's the last time you looked something up on YouTube? ...Don't you think your Learners might be doing this too? In the last decade, YouTube has given us TED Talks, Khan Academy classes, explainer videos, tons of bite-sized science, and taught us how to fix pretty much anything. But the platform's features are ever-changing and not well understood by those in the professional learning field. Even while we personally enjoy its content, many of us still regard YouTube with fear, and miss out on all the opportunities it presents.

Get an overview of everything YouTube by the guy who developed the first YouTube Certified Online training at Google. We'll discuss strategies for common training needs, actually configure a YouTube channel, learn how to capture & edit & augment content entirely within the YouTube platform, and avoid some of the most common L&D mistakes on YouTube.

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About Sam Rogers

Sam Rogers, President of Snap Synapse, has delivered massive successes for Google, Capital One, Deloitte, AAA, Del Monte, and more. With over 15 years' experience in the learning industry as a Senior Instructional Designer, Video eLearning Producer, Learning Content Developer, Trainer/Facilitator, LMS Migration Specialist, and Strategic Consultant, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. In addition to speaking frequently at training conferences, Sam podcasts, livestreams, and leads webinars on L&D topics regularly. Sam loves turning complicated projects into simple deliverables, esoteric concepts into doable actions, and boring training into engaging learner experiences.

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