2024 Choice Awards Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Training Magazine Network Choice Awards?
The Training Magazine Network Choice Awards is Training’s crowd-sourced awards program, sponsored by Training magazine. The opportunity to cast a vote is annually promoted to Training Magazine Network’s member network community, on the vendor partners that they find to provide the most effective tools and solutions for their work, in six (6) categories: 

  1. Authoring Tools
  2. Content Development/Program Development
  3. Gamification
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Learning Portal/LMS
  6. Measurement, Testing and Assessment

When is voting open?
Voting for the 2024 program is open from March 18 through June 17, 2024.

How are the winners determined?
Winners are determined by a combination of the total number of votes received combined with an average weighted score. Because of this determination, there is not a set number of winners per category. 

Participants can submit a survey ballot in as many of the six (6) categories as are applicable to them. However, they can submit only one (1) ballot per category. Multiple employees from the same company are permitted to vote but are restricted from voting for their own company. Participants may rank as many of the vendor products and tools with which they are familiar and/or have had some personal interaction with, within the past two (2) years. Participants rank the vendor products and tools based on effectiveness: one (1) for least effective; five (5) for most effective. 

When and how will the 2024 winners be announced?
The winners of the 2024 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards will be notified by email in September 2024 and the official announcement will be published on www.TrainingMagNetwork.com and www.TrainingMag.com. The winners will also be featured in the September 2024 issue of Training magazine. 

How are the vendor options listed in each category determined? 
An alpha list in each of the six (6) categories was compiled based on Training magazine and Training Magazine Network's own industry data and research; and includes vendor companies that both have and have not done business or partnership with Training magazine and its affiliates. Voters had the opportunity to enter a preferred vendor product or solution if the tool they wish to rank is not currently listed. Companies are welcome to submit their profile for inclusion/consideration in the Choice Awards at any time by filling out this form

Can companies apply for inclusion in the Choice Awards voting? Is there a fee to apply?
Companies are welcome to submit their profile for inclusion/consideration in the Choice Awards at any time by filling out this form. All companies who submit truthful profiles in a realistic category will be included in the current or next year's ballot (depending on timing of submission) and will also be included in the full directory of solution providers here. There is no fee to apply for inclusion in the Choice Awards voting. 

For the 2023 Training Magazine Network (TMN) Choice Awards, how many vendor companies received votes? 
473 unique companies received votes in the 2023 program. 

How many total votes were cast for the 2023 program? 
A total of 4,734 votes were cast in the 2023 program by 1,886 unique voters. 

Are there some statistics available from the previous years?
Yes. Click here for the announcement of the 2023 Training Magazine Network Choice Awards winners.

Is there an incentive provided to encourage voting? 
Yes. In 2024, participants can opt-in for the chance to win one of two (2) prizes: (1) $100 U.S. Bank Visa gift card or one (1) Training Magazine Network MembershipPLUS benefits package, valued at $95. This includes access to exclusive content, resources, webinars, discounts on certifications, and Training conferences, plus more – for a full year! The survey winners will be notified by email in September 2024. 
How can I participate as a voter for the Training Magazine Network Choice Awards? 
Make sure you are a Training Magazine Network member. This is a free training and L&D member community, giving you 24/7 access to free training tools, webinars, and other valuable resources. You simply need to complete a registration form to instantly become a member. All active TMN members will receive invitations to cast their votes in the annual TMN Choice Awards. Visit www.TrainingMagNetwork.com to register or to verify your registration status.

I have another question not listed here - how can I get in touch with you?
We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at ChoiceAwards@TrainingMag.com.

The Training Magazine Network Choice Awards is sponsored by Training magazine, 5353 Knox Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55419.