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Exploring Entrepreneurship in Sales
Entrepreneurship is the practice of selling ideas and having the passion and perseverance to make it become a reality. Some of the world's largest companies were started by entrepreneurs. This course defines what it means to be an entrepreneur, their impact on the economy of the United States, the role of patents, and the definition of a free market economy.
Microsoft Office 365 - OneDrive: Upload Files
Welcome to the Microsoft Office 365 - OneDrive video lessons! You can upload files to the cloud with OneDrive. (Navigate OneDrive, Sort and Filter Directories, Upload, Drag & Drop, Create Subfolder, Move Files, Preview / List Mode, Copy, Delete, Rename, Advantages of OneDrive, Download Files.)
What Do You See?
What can you do to maintain compassionate service? More importantly how can you help care givers maintain the empathy required to be effective? This video and support materials are highly recommended for anybody in the service industry, particularly healthcare.
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