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Getting organized
Getting Organized (First 5 Lessons Available to Basic Members & Above)
Welcome to our Time Management series. This is the seventh video in a series of eight and is designed to help you organize your workspace so that hours of productivity per day aren’t wasted searching for missing information. You only have a finite amount of time to spend in your life so you need to ask yourself, how am I going to use the time that I have? This eight-part series will get you to stop procrastinating, help you create plans and inspire you to implement your plans for productivity. So are you going to make things happen, or are you going to watch things happen? The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.
Effective online meetings 8 follow up
Effective Online Meetings 8: Follow-Up
Welcome to the Effective Online Meeting series, which covers everything you need to know about holding an effective web meeting, online presentation or webinar. Your meeting went off without a hitch and everything worked the way it should. This video goes over some things you need to do after an online presentation to get the most out of it.
Get people to take your training!
Get People to Take Your Training!
Welcome to the 7th video in our Advanced Train the Trainer series. The series is designed to help experienced trainers improve the impact of their work and is divided into four sets of programs: Training Management, Research, Content Development and Delivering Training. This video is part of the Training Management programs and helps you create compelling content that learners will actually want to take and use.
The six levels of sexual harassment
The Six Levels of Sexual Harassment
Welcome to the employee version of the Stop Sexual Harassment Now video series. This is the fifth video lesson in a series of seven and provides levels and terms that will everyone can use to speak the same language, including targets, offenders, supervisors and investigators. Sexual harassment is against the law and occurs when there are “…unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.” Harassment may be prevalent in the workplace. But it doesn’t have to be prevalent in YOUR workplace. This video series will help you learn how to STOP IT NOW.
Disagreements at work  handling disagreement
Disagreements at Work: Handling Disagreement
Welcome to our Advanced Supervisor series on Disagreements at Work. This series shows you how to handle disagreement in a professional fashion—BEFORE things get out of hand, and head into prolonged conflict or high-emotion anger. This is the third video in a series of four and is designed to show you that no matter what type of disagreement you are in, there are options on how to handle it. The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.
Body language at work
Body Language: At Work (Next 70 Lessons Available to Advanced Level & Higher)
Welcome to our Advanced Supervisor series on Body Language, which is the process of communicating nonverbally. There are three primary learning objectives in this series: 1) Learn how to better read others using scanning techniques, 2) Eliminate your own negatives and 3) Learn to better control your own body language. This is the fourth video in a series of five and helps you apply what you’ve learned about body language to what you encounter at work. The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.
Paying attention to detail
Paying Attention to Detail
Welcome to the All About Details programs. This is the first video in a program of two and covers the issues that arise when you don’t pay attention to detail. The failure to anticipate or correct some small problem up-front escalates, until it can ultimately result in a major catastrophe. This two-part program will help you understand how to best concentrate on the task at hand and provide tips on how not to miss details in the future. The program list is included as a reference to the recommended viewing order.
Handling ethics situations
Handling Ethics Situations
Welcome to the Ethics video series. This is the sixth video lesson in a series of seven and discusses what to do when an ethical situation arises and how the earlier you catch an ethical problem, the better it is for everyone. If there’s one thing just about everyone in the working world can agree with, it’s that people need to be ethical. Every large company has a Code of Conduct that people have to read and sign every year. This video series will help learners understand that ethical behavior begins with you and how to make that happen. Please note that the first six video lessons are designed for all employee levels. The final video lesson is designed specifically for all levels of management.
Are you stressed
Are You Stressed?
Welcome to the Managing Stress series. This is the second video in a series of six and is designed to help you understand stressors and teach you how to approach the different types of stress. No matter what kind of role you play with your organization, stress is inevitable, but it’s not something that has to be put up with. Organizations can reduce the workplace stressors of their employees. You can be in a stressful environment, but you don’t have to be stressed. This six-part series will teach you how to handle the normal stress of daily work and give you tips on how to remove the causes of debilitating stress. The series list is included as a reference to the suggested viewing order.
The invisible meeting
The Invisible Meeting
As travel costs rise and budgets shrink, conference calls are rapidly replacing face-to-face meetings. Unfortunately, many people have not yet learned the skills needed to make this type of meeting effective. We have all participated in ineffective conference calls, wasting everyone\'s time and energy. Often participants don\'t take a conference call as seriously as a regular meeting, but in reality, a conference call is a meeting, a virtual meeting with some very unique challenges.   The Invisible Meeting demonstrates 6 effective techniques for making your conference calls more productive. This engaging program reveals the challenges and the virtual rules that both participants and meeting organizers need to know. The Invisible Meeting will make your conference calls more effective, saving your organization time and money.
Persuasive presentation skills  go for the goal (part 1)
Persuasive Presentation Skills: Go For the Goal (Part 1)
Welcome to the first program in the Get Them Marching ® Persuasive Presentation Skills series, the Go For the Goal session. Do you want to end boring, drag on and data dump presentations? Set a worthy goal. Most presenters have no goal, an anemic goal, or the wrong goal. Learn why overviews and informational presentations are a waste of time and how worthy goals exponentially improve your presentation and your results.
Embracing change
Embracing Change
Embracing Change was created to stimulate conversation. Using “person-on-the-street” interviews, you will be introduced to a cast of characters that not only share how we should deal with change, but are required to put their thoughts into action.
Ouch  that stereotype hurts
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
What does OUCH! do? In a unique and powerful way, viewers will experience the impact of stereotypical comments, explore why people don\'t speak up against stereotypes and other biased behaviors, and learn six techniques for speaking up without blame or guilt.
Active shooter   workplace violence
Active Shooter & Workplace Violence
Emergencies involving violence are unfortunately a real possibility in today\'s workplace. This can also include encountering an active shooter on the premises. One of your job responsibilities is to be prepared and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at your workplace. Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. The purpose of this program is to familiarize you with basic response practices when encountering workplace violence, practices that will help you to be prepared for and to respond to a violent emergency. Topics include indicators of potentially violent behavior, how to respond to violent behavior, how to respond to an active shooter situation and how to react when law enforcement arrives at an active shooter scene.
Delivering the bad news message
Delivering the Bad News Message
Welcome to the Delivering Bad News video series. This is the second video lesson in a series of two and discusses how to construct your bad news message so that is received properly. Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news, yet it has to be done. Employees may need to be informed of negative performance appraisals or you simply may need to say “no” to a customer or someone else about something they want. These video lessons will help you properly prepare and deliver any type of bad news in the most appropriate way.
Career management and talent review
Career Management and Talent Review
Peter Wallbridge provides practical tips for senior managers to plan succession, comprehensive information packs and making the process a success. This is part of the Recruiting & Developing High Achievers programs, which includes 3 pragmatic videos providing HR practitioners with useful advice and practical strategies. These programs are part of the larger Insights and Strategies Series, in which Psychologist Eve Ash talks with leading business professionals who have learned powerful lessons and share their experiences and strategies to achieve best practice.
Leadership feedback what employees want to tell you...but don't
Leadership Feedback: What employees want to tell you...but don't!
Leaders do not receive much feedback from the people they lead. In fact, they often have no idea how good--or bad--their leadership really is. "Leadership Feedback" is an entertaining and thought provoking video training program that provides the kind of honest feedback leaders don\'t normally hear.
Handling rejection
Handling Rejection
Welcome to the 12th video in the Selling at a Distance series.  If products and services simply sold themselves, organizations wouldn’t need salespeople at all!  Even with today’s technology, the salesperson remains a critical driver of revenue.  In this series, salespeople will learn how to master the new skills required to Sell at a Distance. In selling, rejection is a part of life. This video will show the importance of not getting discouraged, how to deal with rejection, and ensuring that your sales processes are top notch.
Hold please
Hold Please
We want to communicate to the person who’s calling us that they’re the most important thing. However, when we have to put them on hold, it says exactly the opposite. In this program you can learn some techniques that makes it easier for the caller when they’re placed on hold.
A drug free workplace for health care
A Drug-free Workplace for Health Care
By keeping America\'s hospitals, clinics and other heath related establishments free from substance abuse, industry administrators work to ensure the health of their staff and clients and further their company\'s reputation as a provider of high-quality services in which patients and their loved ones can place their trust.
Cutting edge communication  achieving smart goals
Cutting Edge Communication: Achieving SMART Goals
Learn the SMART formula and set specific, measurable goals that are relevant and achievable within a time frame. This video explains the differences between short-term and long-term goals and introduces the goal acronym: SMART. Please Note: These videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. They are fast paced, short, character-driven TV style comedies that take a new approach to reaching today\'s learners. By laughing, discussing, sharing outrage, and reacting to the behaviors on screen, we can use the resulting feelings and thoughts to develop a clearer shared view of how we want our teams to behave and to better manage these types of situations. These programs partner well with the Switch On and/or Workplace Excellence series, also by Seven Dimensions.
Creating an ethical workplace for managers
Creating an Ethical Workplace for Managers
Welcome to the Ethics video series. This is the seventh video lesson in a series of seven and discusses how you should set up and encourage an ethical workplace and how to follow up with any ethics concerns you see, or hear about from your team. If there’s one thing just about everyone in the working world can agree with, it’s that people need to be ethical. Every large company has a Code of Conduct that people have to read and sign every year. This video series will help learners understand that ethical behavior begins with you and how to make that happen. Please note that the first six video lessons are designed for all employee levels. The final video lesson is designed specifically for all levels of management. 
Day to day project management
Day-to-Day Project Management
How will you manage your workflow and keep the project on task? Jeff Crow explains how to manage a project and its resources on a daily basis. You will also learn some common mistakes and pitfalls that often arise when working on a new project.
Time management tune up   part 1  accept the facts of time
Time Management Tune-up - Part 1: Accept the Facts of Time
Welcome to the Time Management Tune-Up series, the Accept the Facts of Time session. This video looks at ways you can relieve your time challenges and has you think carefully about how you really spend the 24 hours of your weekday time. A quiz that covers the entire series is included in the last video: Assessment.
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