How to Succeed Under Pressure for High-Performance Sales:
Succeeding Under Pressure


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CEO, Institute for Health and Human Potential
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Selling is not easy, especially under pressure. Pressure changes how the brain functions; it diminishes our ability to think, make decisions and connect with others.

That’s why the ability to manage pressure is one of the things that sets high-performing sales people and sales leaders apart. And it’s one of the reasons smart people often fall short.

In this interactive session, leadership coach Bill Benjamin shares his secrets for how to drive sales, increase customer loyalty and succeed amid constantly increasing pressure. 

Join to learn: 

  • How to better manage pressure so it becomes a competitive advantage, growing your career and boosting your sales performance 
  • Three insights that keep pressure from sabotaging your work 
  • How pressure affects your brain − and strategies you can use to perform under pressure

About Bill Benjamin

Bill Benjamin is the CEO of the Institute for Health and Human Potential, a successful international business which has been selected by Profit Magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Canada, and is listed in the PROFIT 100, Canada's authoritative ranking of high-growth companies.

Bill has a rare perspective – he has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and has 15 years of real-world business experience as a senior leader. Bill brings a straightforward and practical look at the brain science of emotions that drive leadership behaviors. He provides practical tools that you can apply to engage your team and drive higher performance.

Bill understands the barriers preventing leaders from growing profits and nurturing a healthy corporate culture. Bill struggled early in his career as a leader. He applied the same Emotional Intelligence (EI) techniques he teaches, enabling him to engage his team members – ultimately growing a computer software business from $2 million in sales to $75 million.

Bill’s practical and scientific approach to leadership, combined with his advanced degrees in mathematics and computer science, make him a hit with analytical audiences! His experience in sales gives him a high degree of energy and enthusiasm. He has presented to discerning audiences that include Surgeons, U.S Army Commanders and NASA engineers.


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