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Creating Interactive Videos from Really Boring Talking Heads, Lectures and Demo Videos

 Guest Speaker             

 Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

 Chief Learning Architect, Vignettes Learning



Most videos in training and elearning are talking heads, lecture-type presentations or demonstration of a product or process.  Case in point: your training director suddenly decides that it is good for the CEO to present an idea.

In another instance, your company has a library of videos which can be re-purposed for training. They are costly and took long to produce, hence, the need to be “put to good use.”






Nurturing Emerging Talent

 Guest Speaker             

 Alan Fine

 Keynote Speaker, Innovator, Executive Coach, Author



A 2012 report by Deloitte identified eight trends in human capital that will have the most business impact over the next 18 to 24 months.  One of the trends identified was the development of next generation leaders.






CLOs and Training Leaders:
When Design Really Matters, Picking Our Battles






Guest Speakers             

Margaret Driscoll, Ed.D., MBA, M.Ed., IBM Global Services

Terry Seelinger, eLearning Specialist, Duke University

Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Strong, Global Technology Education Manager, ebay/PayPal

Robert Fulton, Ph.D., Dean, Continuing Education, Bridgepoint Education

Tommy Tompkins, Managing Director, L & D, American Airlines



If you’re a CLO or training leader you realize there are times when your clients are just checking-the-box and a death by PowerPoint is what they want. Part of being a leader is having a track record for results and – knowing what battles to pick. This means you can identify projects, initiatives, and curricula that really must – deliver results. And, you can develop sponsors who value the investment and are open to collaborating on a genuine training solution.






The Business Side of a Successful Performance Consulting Practice
Session 1 - Starting Your Own Practice

 Guest Speaker             

 Judith Hale, Ph.D.

 CPT, President, Hale Associates



This session is about the three sides of a successful consulting practice and the often undervalued role the business side for being profitable and sustainable.   You will learn the importance of using business acumen to support your practice expertise.






“Small Bites” Learning


 Guest Speaker             

 Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

 Chief Learning Architect, Vignettes Learning



A study by eLearning News suggests that there is an increasing number of workers and employees who learn while on the job. Coupled with smartphones, tablets and laptops, learning and accessing knowledge becomes  "use as you go" or "learn as you work."






L&D Emerging Measurement Practices: From Executive Reporting to "Instant Insights"


 Guest Speaker             

 Jeffrey Berk

 Chief Operating Officer, KnowledgeAdvisors



This presentation will share the latest topics on the minds of L&D practitioners as it relates to emerging measurement practices including executive reporting, big data, social learning, scrap learning, strategic program measurement, prescriptive "Instant Insights," and building a business case for analytics.  Glimpse into the latest trends and challenges on the minds of thought leaders and practitioners and glean creative insights to augment your learning analytics strategies in now and beyond.






Making Online Presentations Memorable


 Guest Speaker             

 Matt Abrahams

 Educator and Coach, Stanford Graduate, School of Business



Join Matt Abrahams, Stanford University educator and coach, as he shares practical research-backed techniques for confidently delivering compelling and authentic presentations.






Best Practices for Virtual Leadership Development


 Guest Speaker             

 Tom Masotto

 Vice President,  Product Management, ON24



The challenge of leadership in global organizations and the deficit of emerging leaders are two of the many factors leading businesses to explore alternative approaches to leadership development.  New technologies have opened to door to creative, cost-effective, and engaging ways to train your future leaders regardless of their location.






Feel Like the Mobile Learning Wave has Already Left You Behind?
Cut Through the Hype and Get a Real Jump Start!

 Guest Speakers             

 Lance Dublin, Chief Solutions Architect, Dublin Consulting

 Shailesh Joshi, Mobile Center of Excellence, Sify

 Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Learning Specialist, Sify  



A lot has been said about mobile learning and how it has already taken enterprise training by storm. However, it has become quite challenging to separate the noise from facts. If you are planning to roll-out your mobile learning initiative or even if you are already a veteran, you should join us at this webinar.






Why Your Training Development Team is Getting Bad Information… and How to Fix It

 Guest Speaker             

 Kendra Lee

 President, KLA Group



Content is only as good as the input your training development team uncovers to create it. You have skilled developers but if they aren’t getting the information they need their content will miss the mark.






The Next Generation of Learning Content Strategies – Learning Content in the Age of YouTube and Facebook

 Guest Speaker             

 Chris Osborn

 Vice President of Marketing, BizLibrary



Every organization that delivers employee training and development programs must deliver learning content. It’s not an optional part of training programs; in fact the content should be the central or most critical part of every employee development initiative. The challenge in today’s world is that traditional approaches to content might no longer help organizations find, develop and deliver the right content to the right employee at the right time.






Agile Project Management for Learning Projects – LLAMA!

 Guest Speaker             

 Megan Torrance




Either by design or by default, your team’s environment and work practices are reflected in the level of service you deliver to clients and customers. New technologies, rising  expectations and shrinking budgets challenge us all to new levels.  How do you keep your project from falling short in delivering on time and in budget when things are constantly changing?






Talent Magnetism: How to Create a Workplace That Attracts and Keep the Best

 Guest Speaker             

 Roberta Matuson

 President, Matuson Consulting 



Talent Expert and bestselling author, Roberta Matuson explains how to navigate the changing talent pool and the challenges of attracting top talent that will stick around. The impact of extraordinary workers—ambitious, driven employees who can be counted on under a tight deadline, are always seeking to improve, and consistently deliver results—is undisputed, and having such workers can determine a company’s success, especially as companies seek to take advantage of business growth opportunities.






Change Your Game: Become Your Company’s Most Valuable Organization

 Guest Speaker             

 Lou Russell

 President and CEO, L+EARN and Russell Martin & Associates 



Is your learning organization seen as a cost center or a strategy enabler? No matter what organization you’re in- change the game - stop being measured and limited by your budget and tie the business investment into value.






Top Talent Management Trends - Linking Learning to Performance

 Guest Speaker             

 Michael Rochelle

 Principal and Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group



Our world is changing dramatically – how we live, how we work, and how we perform. In order to keep up, learning and HR must also change and evolve. Join Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group to learn how embracing adaptive learning models, focusing on relationships and communities, will drive continuous learning and deliver better business results.





Leveraging the Forces of Disruption: How Video, Mobile & Social Are Re-engineering Training

 Guest Speaker             

 Marc McNamara

 VP Sales Enablement, Brainshark 

 Guest Speaker             

 Carol Cohen

 Learning Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard

Disruptive forces—mobile, social and video—have fundamentally changed how training is designed and how learners lea