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Getting Unstuck:

Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence



Ralph Jacobson, Founder, The Leader’s Toolbox


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Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence

Leading for a Change: How to Master the Five Challenges Faced by Every Leader



Recorded: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 

(60-Minute Session)




Session Description

Most of the issues that keep us up at night or prevent organizations from being successful are not problems that can be solved. Rather they are paradoxes that need to be managed. Unfortunately, most of us never learned to distinguish the two…or the methods to address the paradoxes.

This program helps people learn the three questions to make the distinction and provides trainers opportunities to learn a new set of tools, language, and skills that can become part of their toolkit to help individuals and organizations address longstanding obstacles to success. People and organizations who deal with the critical paradoxes before them are more resilient and successful over time.

About Ralph Jacobson

Ralph has helped Fortune 100 companies, healthcare organizations, and entrepreneurial organizations develop the change management and leadership capacity to implement change so that they can more easily tackle their most important business issues. He is the founder of The Leader’s Toolbox, which through training, coaching, and consulting builds the organization platforms necessary to deliver business results.

He has been recognized by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the top ten independent leadership developers in the country and in 2005 as providing one of the most innovative leadership development solutions.

His book, Leading for a Change: How to Master the Five Challenges Faced by Every Leader, published in 2000, was named one of the top business books by The book created the framework to build The Leader’s Toolbox® methodology. He has contributed to The Change Champion’s Field Guide, and published articles in The American Management Association’s, MWorld, American Executive, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and American College of Physician Executives journal. Ralph’s new book, Navigating Uncertainty: Using Paradox to Manage Risk, Innovation, and Sustainability, will be published in 2013 by Taylor and Francis/Productivity Press.



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