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PowerPoint as a Graphics Editor:

Simplified Visual Design for Elearning



Kevin Thorn, Owner and Chief NuggetHead, Nuggethead Studioz


Recorded: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(60 Minute Session)




Session Description

The Visual Cortex is the area of the brain we use to process visual information. We can communicate an action or perceived affordance on a computer screen by applying simple visual techniques. The term, "less is more" is the key by allowing learners to use their imagination and experiences to complete the image or graphic and in turn results in higher retention. As instructional designers we want our designs to be visually appealing and relevant.
How much time do you spend hunting for images or that just right graphic? What if a few strokes of a pen or the arrangement of a few simple shapes could convey the same message more effectively? Having an understanding of the basic principles of visual communication you'll be able to replace words with pictures. We'll discuss the visual cortex and how we use it every day to communicate. We'll look at examples of perceived affordances, and how making subtle changes to your elearning graphics can be a powerful companion to the instruction. We'll also look at techniques for creating on-demand graphics following basic visual communication principles. 

About Kevin Thorn

Kevin is a self-taught designer & developer with a passion for the art of visual communications and an award winning elearning designer. He earned a B.S. in Information Technology Management from Christian Brothers University after retiring from the Army followed by a 15-year career in the corporate workforce. Kevin's is the owner and Chief NuggetHead of NuggetHead Studioz, a design, development, and consulting business including elearning design & development, illustration & graphic design, and training & consulting. He can be found around learning communities on Twitter as @LearnNuggets, or at where he writes opinions, reviews, and tutorials.



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