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Game-Based eLearning – How Does its Effectiveness and ROI Compare to Traditional eLearning?



Bryan Austin, Founder and “Chief Game Changer”, Game On! Learning 


Recorded: Thursday, January 17, 2013

(60 Minute Session)




Session Description

There is lots of buzz about “gamification” and game-based learning over the last year.  Why should your organization consider adding it to your talent development strategy?  This webinar may provide the key to igniting the performance of your workforce in 2013!

Bryan Austin will share 6 reasons why hundreds of organizations are implementing game-based elearning, and how your organization can inexpensively benchmark its effectiveness versus traditional elearning in transferring learned skills to the workplace to improve performance.  He will also share a plan to assess the return on investment (ROI) of game-based elearning versus traditional elearning.

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About Bryan Austin
Bryan Austin is the Founder and “Chief Game Changer” of Game On! Learning. Throughout his 25-year career with leading organizations like SkillSoft and Kaplan, Bryan has dedicated himself to helping organizations develop high performing employees through innovative learning solutions. A hallmark of Bryan’s approach is his keen ability to think outside of the box and create engaging, skills-based learning experiences that accelerate employee growth and productivity.

The fusion of technology and learning has always captivated Bryan. His initial exposure to corporate learning and development came when his first employer, a systems software company, asked him to develop a technical training program for new Systems Engineers. He and his team rented a small college campus in northern California, set up a mainframe computer lab, and taught classroom sessions during the day and computer labs all night. Seeing the positive impact of the program first-hand ignited Bryan’s passion for the power of learning.

From there, Bryan went on to work for, and lead companies, that provide cutting-edge,
technology-delivered learning solutions to medium, large, and global companies. For Bryan, it
has been fascinating to be a part of the evolution of corporate learning and development. He has seen multi-media training evolve from audio/videotape/workbook packages, to PC- and LAN-delivered training, to the sophisticated elearning solutions of today.



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